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Welcome to Appraisal - Celebrating and supporting GP Development across Wales

Prior to the formal introduction, in 2004, of appraisal as a contractual requirement of all GPs in Wales, the GP Section had already been working for three years to develop a system of appraisal which was effective, web-based and properly managed. This work started with a pilot in 2001-2, funded by the Wales Assembly Government. By 2003, the Assembly had agreed to fund a service level agreement with the School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education, to deliver and manage appraisal for all GPs in Wales.

In developing this system we have been mindful of the need to link appraisal with other aspects of clinical governance and have worked effectively with the medical directors of Local Health Boards and others to achieve this end. Internally we have also recognised the need to link appraisal with continuing professional development and have been successful in establishing that link on an all-Wales basis.

The General Medical Council has, for almost ten years, been advocating fair, proportionate and effective process for the revalidation of doctors that will provide assurances of contemporary fitness to practice. In developing our system of appraisal and its links with clinical governance and CPD, we have been mindful of the fact that such systems will assist doctors in demonstrating many of the requirements of revalidation. we are currently testing the effectiveness of those systems in the context of revalidation and we are hopeful of positive results towards the end of 2008.

Dr Malcolm Lewis
Director of Postgraduate Education
for General Practice

GP Appraisal in Wales

GP Appraisal in Wales

Formative, systematic and regular review of past achievements with constructive planning of future progress.

The aims of this website are:

  • To explain the appraisal process in Wales
  • To encourage GPs to register on the Appraisal Database
  • To enable GPs to complete appraisal documentation
  • To enable GPs to select an appraiser
  • To provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • To provide support
  • To supply contact details
  • To enable the GP Appraisal team to monitor progress relating to appraisal
  • To allow GPs to access our complaints policy

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